Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snow on the Brain Blog Explanation

Scenario: Getting on the lift after getting up a 4am and driving 4 hours to get to the mountain. You are tired, anxious and excited all in the same emotion. You get off the lift, strap in and ride down the snow covered mountain of glee. Maybe you fall, or maybe you rest for a moment. You take in the entire experience of the mountain. How quiet it is. How the cold mountain air feels in your lungs. How peaceful the trees and the environment makes you feel. This is why you do this. This is why you come to the snow again and again, year after year. If your like me, no matter what time of the year, you can't stop thinking about being up in the mountains. Unfortunately those of us in the Bay Area only get about 6 months at the most of snow time to shred. This blog is for those that think about being in the snow all year long. Even in the summer months. That's what this blog is all about.

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